EARLI 2015: „Towards a Reflective Society: Synergies between Learning, Teaching and Research“

25.08.2015 - 29.08.2015

Cyprus University of Technology


Alle zwei Jahre organisiert die EARLI, European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, eine Konferenz, bei der sich Bildungsforscher aus aller Welt über ihre neuesten Forschungsvorhaben und -ergebnisse austauschen.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Towards a Reflective Society: Synergies betweenLearning, Teaching and Research”. The EARLI 2015 theme emphasizes research-based learningand instruction, while highlighting the crucial role of the systematic investigation of learningand teaching as a mechanism for promoting innovative and creative thinking and sustaininglong-term societal growth. Reflective citizenship lies at the heart of contemporary societies.

The 21stcentury calls for a re-definition of the forms of knowledge, skills and competencesthat are necessary for the advancement of our societies. While the focus on basic skills and theneed for disciplinary knowledge cannot be ignored, there is a need to work towards increasing the reflective capacity of our societies.

With more than 3000 unique contributors (authors or co-authors) from 48 countries and havinginvolved over 370 reviewers, the scientific programme of the conference is impressive and covers a wide variety of research, cultural contexts and methodological traditions. We lookforward to a week of rich interactions and continued learning about and from each other. Withthirty parallel sessions, nine exciting keynotes, and many other social events, the EARLI 2015 programme promises to keep us all engaged throughout the week.

Informationen zum Programm

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